Friday, October 10, 2008

Los Angeles artists have Onyx reunion

Tomorrow, Saturday Oct. 11 poet S.A. Griffin is organizing 10-year reunion for the OnyxPhotobucket Left- Atomic Sherpas

an artists' cafe that was LA Weekly says 'about the closet thing to '20s-era Paris this town has
ever seen." Yes, I was there from the beginning--it was true. In a tiny
cafe in Silverlake we had poets, painters, rock' musicians, avant garde musicians,
art students--it was a great artists cafe. Run by Fumiko Robinson and John Leech,
it was our home away for home ,our communal artists living room. I read poetry
at the first Onyx art event upstairs which went on for hours.

I will read tomorrow at 2pm followed by leading L.A. poet Holly Prado and 11 more hours. The party will go on until 1 am.

Poet/writer S.A. Griffin brings us The 10-Year Onyx Reunion. Griffin calls it "an old-fashioned Onyx hoedown" with music from Atomic Sherpas, Charmkin Rebellion, Bill Markus, Michael Whitmore and Ron Hershewe bands, poetry by Steve Abee, Rafael F.J. Alvarado, Holly Prado and Blakeslee Stevens. Tribal Café, 1651 W. Temple St., L.A.; Sat., Oct. 11, noon-1 p.m.; free. (213) 483-4458. Pictured: Atomic Sherpas.


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Unknown said...

Hey California Writer! I found your Blog while trying to find an onyx artist I got intriduced to named Icarus - I can't remember his last name but back in 94 we worked on a HUGE backdrop for 'Star Trek: The Interviews'... I am a founding member of The Hive Gallery in DTLA and other artists I show with also used to show at The Onyx Cafe, but, they, too, couldn't remember his last name or how to reach him.
I was looking for a way to find your email address, but, could you email me? I'd like to know if you know of any listings of artists who showed there, etc... you can reach me at: greg@gouldeyecandy(dot)com THANKS!!