Monday, February 20, 2006

Update on NYU graduate students' strike

Update on NYU graduate students strike:

A month ago Rosemary Feal, Executive Director of the MLA, announced that the Executive Council
of the MLA had sent a letter to NYU president John Sexton reaffirm the resolution of the MLA Delegates
Assembly in 2000 that "endorses the right of all academic employees—'full- and part-time faculty members, graduate employees, and support staff'—to engage in collective bargaining if they choose to do so." The letter also says the NYU has an obligation to reocognize the graduate students' union and encourages "encourages all parties to proceed in good faith, to negotiate a mutually acceptable contract, and it asks that the NYU administration not rescind stipends, withdraw teaching eligibility, or take any other action to discourage graduate employees from engaging in union activity."

Meanwhile NYU adminstration has ignored the resolutions of MLA, AAUP, and many letters it has received, and has started retaliatory action against graduate student strikers--taking away a semester or two semesters' work.

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